Food Trucks

Thinking about a food truck for your catering? Sounds like a good idea in these times of COVID. You can have guests (socially-distanced) go up and get their food or you can have wedding planner assistants deliver the food to the tables. Food trucks tend to be yummy and less expansive than traditional caterers.

You need to be very specific in your questions before you sign a contract, however. How much of the food is pre-prepared? How quickly can they get it out?

Do they have to make anything on site? If yes, how many minutes do they need to get each order out? If it takes two minutes per order, times 60 guests, you’re talking two hours! Are you letting people customize their order? (Suggestion: Don’t!) How many people will be working the food inside the truck? So many questions! Please e-mail me if you would like my free Food Truck Questionnaire. Susan@WeddingsbySusan.ORG.