Successful relationships

As a veteran wedding planner and day-of coordinator, I’ve found that the most successful relationships and wedding day outcomes happen when the professionals are allowed to do what they do best — their jobs.

Many couples hire wedding planners to take care of the details of the day. When family members jump in, they may not understand who has been assigned to do what. They may not have been informed about the timeline or the bride’s specific wishes. It can get a bit messy.

Many couples hire wedding planners because of their expertise and wedding etiquette knowledge. They know how a table is supposed to be set and how the silverware should be placed. They know how much you should tip the officiant. You are paying them a lot of money to get things done correctly.

Many couples hire professional photographers and videographers because they know how to direct people to get the shots the couples want. They are not being bossy; they are being effective and time-conscience. They want to get everyone to the reception as soon as possible so they (everyone) can start having fun!

Many couples hire vendors they know have outstanding, reliable reputations for quality, price and dependability. Let them do their jobs. Don’t let momzillas, sister-zillas or even dad-zillas ruin your day by not fully enjoying theirs. We all want a win-win wonderful day!