Celebrating decades-long marriages

When I’m not coordinating weddings, I like to volunteer at my mom’s assisted living facility. On Sunday, my mom and I hosted a wedding party for ladies from Johnson City, Bristol, Kingsport and Erwin. The residents brought photos of their loved ones and told their wedding/marriage/love stories. It was so much fun. Some brides have never worn a veil as they got married by a justice of the peace. ~~~ Side note: I also like to watching baking shows on TV. I finally put all my “TV knowledge” to work as I made a three-tier wedding cake for this event. It was red velvet, black walnut and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Super yummy but not kind to the hips! (Click on a photo to see the complete gallery.)

Tips and other random thoughts

The older you get, the more random thoughts enter your crazy, ole brain.
They need to be shared, and thus, the blog. I hope you enjoy reading about all that I have learned (so far) about weddings, marriage, entertaining, love, and romance.