Venues & Vendors Matchmaking

Whether you’re hourly, salaried, self-employed or a stay-at-home parent, your time is valuable and, probably, limited.

As I made my career change to wedding planning, I visited almost every venue, bridal shop, caterer and wedding cake bakery in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. It was huge investment in scheduling, time and travel.

You may not have that kind of luxury. Plus, every moment you spend on these tasks takes you away from your work hours or your free time with your loved one. You probably don’t want to waste your precious vacation time either!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say, “I want this type of venue, with this type of reception, décor, flowers and cake at this price point?” And then spend your time exploring specific and realistic choices? Let Weddings by Susan do the research and legwork for you. We call it a “love connection.” Venues & vendors matchmaking !

How we’ll work together

We’ll start with a consultation in which we’ll talk about your dream wedding. We’ll look at the big picture and then drill down to the small details that make a wedding truly personal and unique. Then, we’ll chat about your budget.

I’ll share (what I call) my “Binder of Wedding Joy” to help you zero-in on venues, dresses, colors, flowers, food, music, décor, photographers, videographers and other wedding elements. I’ll craft a recommendation plan, with cost estimates, vendor contact information and timelines. Then, it’s time for you to start having fun with your own exploration. I’ll be available along the way to answer any vendor questions you might have.

Together, let’s save you time and money orchestrating the perfect wedding of your dreams!

Phone: (423) 895-1902